The story of Pauly beds is about
the art of sleep


Josef Pauly
Founder of Pauly Beds – 1853


Princess Sissi
Empress Elisabeth of Austria – Furbished her palaces with Pauly Beds

Josef Pauly came from a well respected and honourable family in Vienna, Austria. He founded the company in 1838 during the times of Romanticism where the beauty of nature and individual imagination were highlighted. The licence to open the company under the name of J. Pauly & Sohn was given by the ruling Emperor Ferdinand I.

It was in the 1870s when Pauly flourished and became the Official Supplier of Beds to the Austrian Hungarian Empire. Namely to the court of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife Elisabeth, known as Sissi. Those were the times of the Second Industrial Revolution and the Impressionist art movement. Innovation and creativity took new heights and by 1891 Pauly’s beds had already won 10 awards and had become internationally acclaimed.

Empress Sissi, accustomed to the very best, was obsessed with beauty and keeping a young look. She set the standards of quality and comfort of Pauly’s beds at the top.

Joseph Pauly and his son’s mastery in handcrafting beds was an art: every bed was a masterpiece. A masterpiece for people who lived the good life and were thought to know how to get most from life.